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Pharmaleaders is Asia’s biggest news Magazine on Healthcare communications. The rise of Pharmaleaders has given a new definition on how the healthcare policy should be laid down by the Government. The Voice of Indian Healthcare Industry with patient’s concerns. We specialize in developing key messages to support each client’s leading position in science innovation and product development. A primary focus is on peer-reviewed validation and collaboration with key opinion leaders (KOLs), presence at medical and industry conferences, and media outreach to support broad visibility of corporate and R&D milestones.

Pharmanewsprwire provides Advisory Services to clients who are in need of counsel around a specific issue or crisis situation that demands strategic planning and communication. Over the past 26 years, Pharmanewsprwire has assisted clients in terms of hostile take-over bids, clinical and regulatory set-backs, departures of key leadership team members, and many other situations which need immediate strategic counsel. With a history of collaborating with legal counsel, various regulatory bodies, and patient advocacy and clinicians’ groups, Pharmanewsprwirehas the ability to serve clients rapidly on a 24-hour basis. We also have strong international reach as well. Through our European partnership with Hume Brophy, our clients have access to government and public affairs expertise on a market-by-market basis in the EU.


  • Corporate Communications, including messaging platform development, crafting of press releases and collateral materials, and website text refinement
  • Media Outreach Campaigns
  • Medical and Scientific Conference Support
  • Strategic Programming to achieve key communications objectives for upcoming milestones, such as financings, M&A and partnering, clinical trial results and peer review publications
  • Presentation and Media Coaching